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Hello world!

September 22, 2008

I guess I’ll keep the wordpress-given title to get a start.

I have been learning a very old art, parchment craft, that dates back to the 14th – 15th century. The easiest description of parchment craft is embossing, perforating and cutting of paper into paper lace.

We start with a heavy-weight vellum, or parchment paper, that is translucent and flexible. Then using the techniques of tracing from a design, embossing, perforating, painting and cutting, one can create a card, a wall hanging, or any number of decorations.

I had started this art during the late 1990’s, but gave it up a few years later. Last year I took out my papers, tools and patterns to give it another try. While I had developed a few health concerns during my hiatus, I have found ways to work around them. Earlier this year I started taking lessons from a Pergamano® certified tutor, Nelly Torn.

Hopefully, through these pages, some more people will become interested in this wonderful art.


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