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Finding a Parchment Craft Tutor

September 29, 2008

If you are lucky enough to live near a Pergamano certified tutor, Parch Craft Australia certified tutor or Parchment Craft guild tutor, then you shouldn’t have any problems learning the art of parchment craft. Here in the US, it’s a bit more difficult. You don’t only have the problem of finding the right tutor, you have the added problem of finding a tutor, period.

If you are like me and live in an area that has no tutors nearby, or even knows if there is anyone in the area besides yourself that is an avid parcher, then it’s a little more difficult. But, I am here to tell you that there are options!

A number of tutors have created their own learning DVD’s. Christine Coleman has a series of DVD’s, which is quite popular and all of them include a lot of information. Alison Yeates has a couple of DVD’s that are very informative. Pauline Loweth has her first DVD on the market, which I have not yet seen, but have heard good reviews. Pergamano also has their own DVD, which I confess I have not seen.

These are all wonderful sources of information and help, whether you are a beginning parcher or a more experienced parcher. But, you can’t question a DVD and the DVD can’t tell you when you are still doing a technique in the wrong way.

Of course, online groups, like those found via yahoo groups or google groups, and the online forums at Pergamano and Parchment Craft Magazine are also great resources. These resources have a wonderful side-effect of creating wonderful friends as well.

But, you could be like me, and find yourself a wonderful tutor that has created an internet version of teaching parchment craft. It is just like other online learning outlets. Having Nelly as my tutor has the added pleasure of being able to contact her at almost any time (please contact me at cepetroatknologydotnet and I will pass it on to her). You don’t have to wait before you can ask a specific question about a lesson or technique. I get my answer in a day or two (allowing for time zone differences). The key is scanning your lessons, which she returns with comments. Here’s an example:

And here is the finished lesson:

At each step of the way in this lesson I was advised on how to be better (there were 3 other scans with comments just for this lesson). And darned if I haven’t seen an improvement in my work. Better yet, other parchers are seeing an improvement in my work.

Being self-taught is okay, having and using the other resources available is better. Finding a good tutor is best.

My lessons with Nelly start next Wednesday (10/1), and I can’t wait!


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