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Where to Find Parchment Craft Supplies in the US

October 18, 2008

If you are interested in parchment craft, or on your way to being an avid parchment crafter, finding supplies in the US isn’t always the easiest thing to do, while in the UK, Europe, and Australia this task is much easier.

If you are specifically looking for the Pergamano brand you have several options: This list is in no particular order:

Ecstacy Crafts (located in Canada)

DanDee Images

Willa’s Commodities,LLC

Creative Papercrafts (located in Canada)

Marco’s Paper

McCallisters Art Supplies

Don’t forget to check over at ebay, either, you might be surprised by what supplies you can find there. And occasionally you can find some of the back issues of magazines devoted to parchment craft, as well as pattern/instruction books.

If you are looking for Parchcraft Australia (PCA) tools, this is even more limited. The PCA site lists two stockists of their tools in North America:

Connies Elegant Crafts

Carbonne’s Corner.

Personally, I have ordered much of my PCA tools from Papercrafts Mailbox in Australia, mostly because of the exchange rate between the US/Aus, which allows me to buy an extra tool or two at a time. Their service has been very good, and the wait isn’t too bad for regular shipping.

If you know of other stores that carry parchment crafting supplies in the US, please let me know in comments, and I’ll be happy to add them to the list.


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