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Parchment and Hurry Don’t Mix

November 16, 2008

No matter where in the world one may live, we have entered an era where “quick” is the desired outcome. We see “quick” in many aspects of our lives — from preparing foods, getting information, to crafts. Now, I’m not saying that quick doesn’t have it’s place, and there are times when “quick” can be necessary, such as last week when one of my clients quite suddenly got married and I wanted to make her a card for the occasion. My time to create something for that special occasion was limited.

I have hanging in my kitchen an old trivet from my grandmother. It says:

The hurrier I go,

The behinder I get.

Truer words have never been spoken, or at least, that’s how it feels quite often, especially in parchment crafting.

I say that because “quick” and parchment crafting are like oil and water. While I may be a lot slower at completing a project from someone that has been doing this art for the last 20 years, even a quick card takes me several hours to complete (and that is usually stretched over at least two days). Getting to the point of being “quick” is all about practice. The more you do, the better you get. But, let me remind you that “quick” is also a relative term in parchment crafting. That not only has to do with one’s level of ability, but also has to do with the numerous techniques one can incorporate into a pattern.

I have come across some that view parchment craft as “too fiddly” and “too involved.” I think that’s perhaps it’s because they have been more involved in crafts that have a quicker result, which you don’t necessarily see in parching. Parchment crafting requires a lot of patience, in fact, for a person that has little patience in many aspects of my life, parching is developing me into being a more patient person. While there is a lot of versatility in the art/craft, there is also a high level of exactness to be mastered. But, once the basics are mastered, the sky’s the limit.

Yes, it is a very absorbing craft.


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