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Getting to Know the Association of Parchment Crafters

June 18, 2010

Hi all! Today I would like to bring you an interview with Heather Thomas, Information Manager of the Association of Parchment Crafters. I first heard of the Association via Parchment Craft Magazine a few months ago, I then learned a little more about the Association from another parchment crafter a few weeks ago. As the Association is still relatively new, I felt other parchment craft enthusiasts would like to learn more about them as well.

CEP: When was the Association formed, and why?

Heather Thomas of Association of Parchment Crafters: The Association of Parchment Crafters was formed in May 2009 by Pat Murphy and myself. We have both been involved with the Parchment Craft Guild, Pat as a Fellow and a judge and me supporting my husband Charles who is the Registrar of the Guild. Pat’s experiences of teaching and organizing exhibitions and mine of helping Charles at shows and exhibitions had made us both aware of the need for information on classes, teachers and where to buy supplies. Even here in the UK parchment crafters are thin on the ground in most areas. We decided to see if we could do something about it. We planned to start small in the South West of England and see how it went, but within weeks we were getting inquiries from all over the UK. We now have over 200 members mostly in the UK, but also worldwide. We have members at all levels of skill and experience, which we need in order to help and support each other.

CEP: What are the benefits of belonging to APC?

APC: The APC is concerned with promoting parchment craft by sharing information, supporting and encouraging members by:

  • Distributing information provided by members to other members on classes, groups, teachers, exhibitions and workshops, also craft suppliers by personal recommendation.
  • There is a small publication, the Bulletin every 2 months which concentrates on the craft and techniques, and in between we send out email updates with news and information lists.
  • We have a buddy system to give tutorial support to members who are unable to attend classes locally
  • We have started to have teaching days/workshops in different locations
  • We are now being offered discounts by some suppliers.

CEP: Will the databases of tutors, workshops and events include countries other than the UK?

APC: I am happy to include any information I am given, and we are very happy for members to pass anything relevant on. Needless to say I can only include the information I am given.

CEP: New techniques and twists on old techniques are being developed and used, as parchment crafting becomes more popular. Does the APC encourage this? Does the APC promote new techniques?

APC: The APC is very keen to encourage new ideas and approaches, however we also like the traditional –there is room for it all! Anything that will encourage crafters to try parchment craft can only be good.

CEP: Is there anything in particular you would like to tell my readers about the Association, that they might not find out from your website?

APC: The APC is run by just 3 people plus contributions from members. We aim to have a friendly and enthusiastic approach and we are always keen to have ideas and feedback, as the APC will only be as good as its members make it!

The APC is filling a void that has grown as parchment crafting is growing. I think we can all agree that bringing parchment enthusiasts together to share and encourage each other can only be a good thing! I would love to see some of us US gals getting involved and helping the Association with dates of any classes or workshops.

As I am so fond of saying, do check their website. If you are considering joining the Association of Parchment Crafters, please use the “contact” tab on their website, or contact Heather Thomas at: heather”at”associationofparchmentcrafters”dot”co”dot”uk –just change the words “at” and “dot” to the appropriate symbol.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  1. June 18, 2010 6:27 am

    This is terrific, C!!! Thanks so much for a great interview with Heather…..and thanks to you, Heather, for providing more insight to the APC. I hope the word gets out to more parchers here in the USA :))

  2. Suzi permalink
    June 18, 2010 7:16 am

    i agree with all who have asked for help with bringing this craft to the attention of folks in the USA. Locally there are no supplies, teachers or even magazines to help us with this craft. I have to order everything from Canada. Most US parchment crafters must learn from the internet, and most of us are self-taught. I would love for the APC to have a greater presence in the US.

  3. June 18, 2010 7:50 am

    Hi Chiara, an excellent internew, thank you so much for sharing this information with use. I will certainly be looking into the APC website and thank you for providing the link.

    Suzi, I have a store here in the US and sell nearly the full line of Pergamano products in you’re interested. Chiara has provided a link to my store in her sidebar on the right: A Touch of Grace-Paper Boutique. I’d be happy to assist you with your parchment. My e-mail address is:

  4. Nelly permalink
    June 18, 2010 8:42 am

    Thank you Chiara for telling us about the APC. It really interesting ……….I didn’t heard from them before. Will visit the web site more and make contact with Heather……….

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