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Designer of the Month: Meet Linda Moga Rivera!

August 11, 2010

Hi all, and welcome to this month’s Designer of the Month.

This month I’d like to bring you an up and coming US designer, Linda Moga Rivera. I’ve known Linda for a few years, and even have some of her work from a monthly swap on one of the yahoo groups in which we both participate. Linda resides in Hawaii and is also a Registered Pergamano tutor. She has also had a couple of patterns published in Parchment Craft magazine. In fact, our feature photo is her latest pattern found in the July 2010 issue of PCMag.

CEP: Linda, welcome to Designer of the Month. How did you first get interested in parchment crafting?

Linda Moga Rivera: I went into a small out-of-the-way craft shop to look for scrapbooking materials and there was a small group of ladies seated at a table working on crafts.  I saw sample cards posted at the end of a display and the teacher asked if I was interested. Certain I was not able to do such beautiful work she convinced me it was not that hard. So I took the plunge and signed up for a class.  After one class I was hooked.  I went the next 4 weekends, progressing each time and then I asked about the teacher’s certificate.  Within a month I was certified by Pergamano as a teacher.  I then inquired into the UK certificate and received a certificate for successfully completing the first module.  Unfortunately everyday life took a spin and I never was able to finish the other two modules to get my UK certificate.  The rest is history.

CEP: How did you get interested in designing patterns?

LMR: I wanted to make patterns that depicted the Hawaiian Islands and the multi-cultures of Hawaii.  I enjoy grid work and white work and love to dabble in finding new ways of using the vast amount of grids and the unlimited designs that can be created.

CEP: You seem to find a lot of inspiration for your patterns from your environment. Is there anything else or anyone in particular that you find inspiring when you are designing?

LMR: I take ideas from other designers and I expound on them and create different patterns so the techniques may be similar to other designers but the designs are my own.

CEP: I understand that one of your other loves is crocheting. Has crocheted lace inspired your lace and grid work in parching?

LMR: Crocheting is only one of my many other passions. I am drawn to things that are pretty and lace is pretty and delicate and parchment is a way of displaying lace work that I cannot duplicate with crochet.

CEP: What do you find most pleasurable about parchment crafting?

LMR: I love looking at the finished product.  Parching gives me peace of mind and I think of nothing else when I am parching. I get excited about the project anticipating the finality of what I am accomplishing. I derive a feeling of pride when my work is admired and it peaks my enthusiasm to go further.

Do go and have a look at Linda’s website, take a look at some of the fabulous patterns she has, and don’t forget to check out the paperweights. And for you parching enthusiasts, that are always searching for suppliers, Linda also sells Pergamano tools.

Thank you all so much for stopping by. I hope you all enjoyed this month’s DotM.

  1. August 11, 2010 6:54 am

    I just love these articles, Chiara. Each month we have an opportunity to learn a wee bit of the personal side of the designers and I look forward to seeing who the next designer will be. I have always loved Linda’s work and her designs are awesome and….I even discovered we have other things in common, aside from parching, that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

    Welcome aboard, Linda!!

    Thanks so much, Chiara, for sharing another wonderful read :))

  2. SueJ permalink
    August 12, 2010 5:47 am

    Very interesting, lovely website Linda.

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